Features Busy Gamers

  1. Create your awesome profile.
  2. Create your Clan Team.
  3. Invite your clan members using invite button in your home page.
  4. Create your clan's awesome fan page.
  5. Challenge other gamers/clans for pvt.
  6. Challenge other gamers/clans in Dota 2.
  7. Accept challenges from best teams or best players.
  8. Start a discussion.
  9. Show your participation in discussions.
  10. Participate in exciting Giveaways.
  11. We are giving away games on monthly basis.
  12. Start new poll/polls.
  13. Participate in poll/polls.
  14. Follow best Gamers around you.
  15. Private Message other gamers.
  16. Post on walls.
  17. See who all are online.
  18. Suggestions for you to follow best gamers.
  19. Refer your friends to earn points.
  20. Upload and Share your Game Memories with other Gamers.
  21. We are maintaining HallOfFame for gamers so don't forget to list yourself in HallOfFame.
  22. Audio/Video chat with gamers to interact with them, Create your private/public rooms for chatting.
  23. We are open for more things to get in busygamers.com. Feel free to mail us on iamgamer@busygamers.com.