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After Successfull Login Click on Challenge button.
- A drop down list will appear.
-- Select Challenge 1 v 1
--- Click here to see the Give Challenge 1 vs 1
--- Select Opponent from list of gamers listed.
--- Select Date and Time Of Challenge.
--- Select Challenge Amount
--- Select Challenge Game
-- Select Challenge 5 v 5
--- Click here to see the Give Challenge 5 vs 5
--- Select Your 5 players for challenge from options ahead of Name Of Players.
--- Select Opponent from list of gamers listed.
--- Select Date and Time Of Challenge.
--- Select Challenge Amount
--- Select Challenge Game
All the new born user to will recieve 500 coins in thier account. Every time you earn coins will be reflected in your account.
You can use coins to give challenge to someone.
You can use coins to claim real cash
You can use coins to buy Games
You select amount you want to challenge someone and this will be your coins. which you will be using.for eg. you have 500 coins in your account. You can select challenge amount upto 500.You win, you recieve 1000 coins, you lose, you left with 0 in your account.
With every successful referral you will earn 100 coins for each.
You can buy coins by debiting real cash.
You can earn coins by having more number of views to your fan page.
You can earn coins by having more number of views to your discussions.
To claim real cash you need to have coins above 5000.
We will transfer your earnings to your respective account.
Referral Program is where you will be having a referral URL for your account. You have to share that URL with your friends.You can use any media, it can be social,email etc. Referral Program will help you in earning while using With every successful referral you will earn 100 coins for each.
Discussions is a place where any registered user can start any topic for discussion. The topic is not bounded to game related only. Start your discussions.More participated discussions will also earn coins. More the active users participating in your discussions ore will be your earning as simple as that.
Any registered user can start disussion and take part in discussion.
Click here to start new discussion.
Click here to take part in discussion.
For better result you have to like our page and share it with your friends For sure.
No,You have to earn coins either by referring,or by buying for real money, or by more views to your fan page, even by having more participation's in your discussions topics.
Hall Of Fame is a place where all the gamers are listed. To whom you have to give vote for. More the number of votes more will be chance to be on top of Hall Of Fame List.Click here to visit hall Of Fame Page
You have to signin with steam in Hall Of Fame Page. After successfull login you will be provided with your Hall Of Fame Vote URL like this. Which you can share with your friends to get more and more votes. is live stream based video chat site. Live stream based means you are watching livestreaming of matches on tvs. This live streaming is introduced into video chat. Here all the private (password protected) rooms are encrypted with best encryption. Nobody can entertain your room without knowing password from you. Here you can share files (docs audios videos images) with your room mates. So what are you waiting for join this new era of live stream video chat!!!

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Friend List Area

Friend List area
All Rooms are daily reviewed .If your room found inactive for long time then room will be closed and deleted sometimes depending upon situtations. Room closures are issued by a busygamers Administrator for a number of different reasons. Some of the reasons are, but not limited to: -You have no moderators assigned and your room was observed breaking the ToS. -You have moderators assigned but they are not controlling the room or are encouraging ToS violations. -Your room name has an offensive or inappropriate word in it. -Your room was made solely to violate our ToS.
You will need to disable Chrome's built in flash player. To do that, open up chrome and type about:plugins into the address bar; hit enter. Click on details in the top right on the window to expand the plug-in details. Find the Flash plug-in that's listed as being in the Chrome directory and hit disable. Check your current version of flash by going to - If its outdated, you can get the latest flash player at .
This is because you have some kind of Third party camera software installed like Google video chat, Manycam, Webcammax, etc. Uninstall these programs and then do the following: 1.Open Finder and select your main HD 2.Find the "Library" folder and enter it 3.Find the "Quicktime" folder and enter it 4.Delete any ".component" files that have to do with the programs listed above 5.Close and reopen your browser 6.Go to any busygamers room and try to broadcast
Firefox,Chrome tested, All Browsers Supported.
Guys and Gals of all ages are allowed. Never break the rules and policy of!!!
ban is temporary or permanent depending upon situation. You will be ban if you are violating the ToS.
Click on Forget password In login drop down. It will send you password reset mail to your Email Id.
Please contact us at - Make sure you include the room name and descirption (if any) in question as well as any other important information you want to give us to track the violation. Reporting a room does not guarantee that it will be closed.busygamers administrator will administer. Final decision is of busygamers administrator.
Please email with what is happening and be as specific as you can.
Right click on the flash client, Go to the webcam tab choose allow and press remember.
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